The OEV Community Exchange Project is a tool that will help facilitate connections in the community and further build on the wealth of the skills and assets of the neighbourhood. More details on the project’s goals can be found on the about page.

With this tool, users will be able to easily discover the skills and services offered by neighbours in the Old East Village.

Before Getting Started

Before we get started, there are a few things that need to be addressed.

  • The tool utilizes a list of skills and services.  Though we did our best to include as many skill sets as possible, there is plenty of room for new skills and services.  If you have suggestions for more, do not hesitate to let us know.
  • The tool is simply a means to help facilitate connections.  All email/text communication will be made off of the site at your discretion and will not be affiliated with the website. 
  • We will be tweaking and adding functionality as we review feedback and test various areas of the website, so you may sometime notice some things appear differently or see some new options added.

Getting Started – Creating an Account

Let’s get started.  

To create an account, visit and click “Create New Profile”.  Enter as much information as possible – you will be able to edit these details later on.  Just make sure that the required fields marked with an asterisk are filled out.

Now that you’ve filled out all the information, you can click “Create New Account”.  You will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your account and log in.

After Logging In – Home Page

After you’ve successfully logged into your account, you will be brought to your own personalized home page of the site.

Right away, you will see 2 tabs: Neighbours That Can Help You, and Neighbours You Can Help.  The tabs are self-explanatory - you have been matched with users based on the skills and services that you have added.  Since we haven't added any skills or services yet, you won't be matching with any neighbours yet.  Let's start adding skills and services so we can start matching.

Adding A Skill/Service

To add a skill or service that you are offering, click the "Add Skill/Service" button in the top menu.

From there, you can choose if the skill/service is something you are offering, or something you are looking for.  Since you clicked "Add", it will have automatically picked the "I Am Offering" option for you. Add a title, description, and what type of exchange you want (money, swap/trade, or free).  If you select "money", you can choose how you you want price your skill/service. Then, select some categories (max. 4) that best represents the service or skill.  You can also upload a featured image.  This will be the image that appears first for others to see.  You can add additional images as well.  When you’re done, click “Save”.  Your skill/service will now start matching with neighbours who are interested in this category.  It will appear on the skill/services page as well as your profile page, and people will be able to message you if they are interested in your skill/service.

Requesting A Skill/Service

You should also request skills and services so that you can start matching with neighbours that are offering what you are looking for. To do so, click the "Request Skill/Service" from the top menu. You will now see that the type field has been set to "I Am Looking For". The rest follows the same steps as above.

Editing A Skill/Service

To edit your skills and services, visit the "Edit My Skills/Services" page. You can access it from the top menu by hovering over "My Profile" and clicking Edit My Skills/Services. From there, you can see all the skills/services that you have added, both Offering and Looking For. You can edit or delete these as you please.

Browse All Neighbours

You can browse all neighbours currently registered to the OEV Community Exchange tool by clicking the “Neighbours” button from the main menu.  From there, you can find all neighbours and can filter down by their wants and offerings.

Editing Your Account

To edit your account information, hover over “My Profile” in the top menu and click "Edit Profile".  From there, you can change information such as your email, password, profile picture, add a bio, and so on. The "Neighbour Matching" tab lets you customize what categories you want to match with other neighbours. These are automatically updated based on the skills/services you post, but you can always edit them here as you please. For example, if you'd like to match with neighbours that are offering Computer Repair, but you haven't added a "I am looking for computer repair" listing, you can select it here and you will match with neighbours offering this service.  


We would love to hear any feedback that you may have.  To do so, fill out the feedback form on the feedback page.